Cheezy Nick's...Scottsdale's Late Nite Comfort Food

Welcome Folks!

Cheezy Nick's TM

"the friendly Scottsdale's hangout of Leo and his comfort food junkeezs!"

Imagine a night out with friends...the thought of Mom enters your mind...holy cheez wiz!

What do you do now?

Mom made the best grilled cheese sandwich and tomato soup...

Hey, Start your Car! ...and head on over to Cheezy Nick's in friendly Scottsdale Arizona. 

Cheezy Nick's ain't your mom...but he sure can make a real tasty grilled cheese.

Cheezy Nick's... he's waiting on you!

 ...The Fun Place after the Town has Closed...

Please Don't Drink and Drive...come on over to Cheezy Nick's to hangout.
Designated drivers, pretty girls, musicians and comedians always welcome!
Yup! it's Free Tomato Soup & Crackers all nite long with the purchase of a Cheezy Nick's soup tin.  Bring your own spoon.

Feelin' a bit conflicted? ... ask Cheezy Nick for some tasty opi-onions. He's experienced in resolving conflicts and quarrels. Opi-onions come free with your meal.

OPEN THU, FRI, SAT Nites  7pm-3am. Sundays 12noon-Midnight.
Secret Location near Downtown Scottsdale, Arizona USA

$10.00 Cover Charge applied to your Food Purchase
Draft Beer - Wine only.

zy Nick's TM

Cheezy Nick's
Scottsdale Arizona - Investors Welcome

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